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So I ran a marathon…

Oh yeah, look at that big smile.  Is that a smile of happiness, satisfaction and accomplishment?

Nope, it was a smile that I was done.


Portland Marathon 2015

It had been a long 4 hours 23 minutes of looking down in paranoid fits to see if my timing strip had fallen off my shoes.

It had been a long 2 hours and 23 minutes of trying to keep my left leg straight because my IT band syndrome had decided to up its game.

It had been 4 hours since I realized one of my super powers was that I could identify empty porta potties from 50 yards away.

It had been 4 hours since I realized I had to drink electrolyte water or I was going to hit the wall (and hence the discovery of above super power).

It had been 30 minutes since I saw a running mentor and told him my knee was now completely blown and I had to walk down  hills.

It was 30 minutes since I realized I wasn’t going to Boston qualify.

It had been 4 hours and 23 minutes since I had thanked my lucky stars that it was going to be a unseasonably warm day and not a typical fall Portland day.

It was 4 hours since I laughed at the silly pirate themed entertainment cheering us along.

It had been 3 hours and 30 minutes since I waved at friends who were cheering me on.

It had been 15 minutes since I crossed the finish lines with the encouragement of the fans.

It had been mere minutes since my husband told me I was amazing.

After 4 hours and 23 minutes of second guessing myself and months of training, I crossed the finish line.


And I would do it all again.