Musings on Running

It is a funny thing.  When I am running, I can actually come up with some really wonderful stuff to reflect on but when I get back home, the excitement of committing any of it to “paper” is gone.

I think this will be the year that I actually keep this blog going.

Last year I ran a disastrous Hood to Coast (heat exhaustion) and then recently entered the lottery for the New York City marathon.  I’m running in the Yellowstone half marathon in June which was  a total mistake.  I have absolute brain fade and mixed it up for a Yosemite half marathon.

Trail running is now high on my priority list.  I did book the hotel for the half for my good friend and I so that is taken care of.

But in each of these new races, I have a new outlook on running.  I am going to run them to have fun, I will not be racing them anymore.  Pushing myself to hit certain times or even place can squeeze the fun out of any run for me.  When just running for fun, I am definitely slower but so much more enjoyable and I don’t have to really prove anything to anyone.

Thoughts on running for the New Year?


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