What we would be without our friends, our partners in crime, our soul sisters, our solemates, our running buddies and our lifelong squeezeamundos?

We pull each other into adventures, missteps and journeys we will never forget.

This year, my very best friend ran the Tinkerbell Half Marathon and Pixie Dust challenge.  I  joined her for the second run, the Tinkerbell half marathon.  I would have never thought to run such a race if it hadn’t been for her.  Friends always challenge us in good ways and I will always cherish them for that.



Before my friend became a runner, she was always my cheerleader and my advocate.  I’m so pleased now that we both share the love of running.

Next week I head off to my fourth Hood to Coast relay and I wish my friend was joining me but I am lucky to count friends I will be running again with.




So off to another adventure and a future blog about the Hood to Coast 2016. Like I say every year, this will be my last one, but I’m sure that this will be my last one.  17 miles, no sleep, crammed in a van, having to use porta potties, and I simply get cranky.  And this year after turning 55, I think that this is one for the archives.#HoodtoCoast



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